The process of a complete roof replacement is often more challenging than installing a roofing system on new construction due to the many issues that can be exposed during the removal of an existing roof. Every building and every roof are different, each with its own unique challenges to overcome. Our experts are here to assist you with your future roof replacement needs.

We take each roof's unique challenges into account to provide you with a roof system that will meet your needs, your budget, and your expectations. We are certified by every major material manufacturer to install the highest quality roofing systems, and we offer the best warranties available on those systems. Our goal is to make the roof replacement process easy and hassle free for you, the customer.

In most cases, when the need arises for an urgent roof replacement project, Advanced Roof Design, can install a temporary solution that will protect your assets while giving you the time to decide on the appropriate roof replacement option.

We have an exceptional reputation throughout the roofing industry with suppliers, consultants, manufacturers, other contractors, and most importantly, with our customers. Advanced Roof Design should be your source for all roof replacement projects.